Auditor procesu wg VDA 6.3. Ściąga dla auditorów (PL)

Process auditor acc. to VDA 6.3 – compendium of knowledge for auditors.

Second edition, march 2019.


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Auditor procesu wg VDA 6.3. Ściąga dla auditorów (PL)


In this small booklet all questions from the VDA 6.3 volume are summarized in a concise form. Moreover, the basic principles of auditing, evaluation, degradation rules, classification as well as the assignment of process elements to the product life cycle are included. Handy format of this booklet, that can even fit into a trouser or jacket pocket, supports the process audit directly on the suppliers’ shopfloor. So far, this small booklet was available only as a part of training materials provided by Team Prevent but in response to several customer request we decided to make it available also in our Webshop.