Team prevent Poland Sp. z o.o.


  1. Rules are these rules for electronic services provided through website, Which defines the Terms of Service provided by the Seller through the website to Customers.
  2. The Customer is an entity that concludes a Service Agreement with the Seller, provided that it has full legal capacity or limited legal capacity in cases governed by general law or by being a legal person or entity.
  3. The Consumer is a customer who is a natural person and concludes an Agreement not directly related to his business or profession.
  4. The Seller is Team Prevent Poland Sp. z o.o., based on Batorego 19, 43-200 Pszczyna, registered in Central Records and Information on Business Activity under a NIP No. 6381701670  and REGON 240513222, which is the service provider, administrator and the owner of the Shop.
  5. The Shop is an online shop operated by the Seller in Polish and English through the website available on the Internet at The shop provides services to Customers, including Sales.
  6. The Services are services provided by the Seller to the Customer, under the Agreement concluded between the parties through the Store, within the framework of a structured system of Remote Agreements, without the physical presence of the parties at one place at the same time.
  7. The Cart is a Shop functionality that allows customers to complete ordering of Products. Adding a Product to the list of Products covered by an order is made using the “Add to Cart” button located nearby the Product within the Shop’s website.
  8. The Sale is a sale of the Product by the Seller to the Customer The sale of the Products without simultaneous presence of the parties (Remote Agreement), by the transmission of data at the individual request of the Customer, transmitted and received by means of electronic processing equipment, including digital compression and storage of data, which is wholly transmitted, received or transmitted via telecommunication network.
  9. The Agreement is an agreement for the Seller to provide services to the Customer.
  10. Seller Contact Details is the Seller’s data that Customer may use to contact him, ie. Team Prevent Poland LLC, Batorego 19, 43-200 Pszczyna, tel. 32 326 30 08, e-mail:
  11. Customer Contact Details are the Customer’s data that the Seller may use to contact the Customer, including the address, e-mail and telephone number.
  12. The Customer Account is the Customer’s Order Management panel, available in the Store, if the customer agrees to the Registration and Log-in.
  13. Registration is the creation of a Customer’s Account by the Customer using the Store registration form on its website.
  14. The Product is a product which is presented in the Store by the Seller for Sale.
  15. The Delivery is the delivery of the Products to the Customer at the destination designated by him, using the Carrier.
  16. The Carrier is the carrier who delivers the Products in cooperation with the Seller.
  17. External Payment System is the online payment system used by the Seller.
  18. Workdays are weekdays Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays.
  1. The Seller, based on art. 8 sec. 1 pt 1 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means and the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights creates the Rules, which are made available at the URL of the Store:
  2. The Seller provides the Services in accordance with the Rules and the conditions of the applicable law.
  3. The Seller publishes these Rules on the Shop website.
  4. Customers can at any time: access the Rules, save it, obtain and access it by printing or saving it to the data storage device.
  5. The information provided on the website of the Shop does not constitute the Seller’s offer within the meaning of the Civil Code provisions, it is only an invitation for Clients to submit offers for the conclusion of the Agreement.
  6. All Services are provided through the Store’s website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  1. In order to use the Store, the Customer has to have a computer with the Internet access and properly configured Internet browser in the current or previous version: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera, as well as an active and properly configured mail account.
  2. Use of the Store occurs through familiarization with its content.
  3. Customer’s order management is performed through the Customer Account. Using a Customer Account is possible after it is created using the correct login and password. The Customer has to log in with a password in order to use the Customer Account.
  4. The Customer Account is created through a voluntary Registration, which consists of completing and sending the Seller a Registration Form available on the Shop website.
  5. Filling in the registration form is finished by filling the mandatory and optional fields of the form, using real and complete Customer data, in particular Customer Contact Details.
  6. Before sending the registration form, the Customer should declare that he has read the Rules and accepts them by marking the appropriate box.
  7. Before submitting the registration form the Customer, by ticking the appropriate box of the registration form, may voluntarily declare that he agrees to the processing of his personal data provided in the registration form by the Seller for marketing purposes.
  8. The statement contained in the paragraph above includes the Customer’s acknowledgment that he has been informed of the content of this provision: the marketing purposes indicated may include, in particular, the Seller’s communication of commercial information using Customer Contact Details. The consent contained herein may be withdrawn at any time, and the Customer shall have the right to access and correct his personal data.
  9. Submission of the registration form relies on sending it to the Seller via the Store, using the appropriate functionality (“Register”) located in the registration form.
  1. The Seller provides the following free services to the Customers:
  1. The Product Search Engine Agreement is available for a limited time when the Customer starts using the search engine and is terminated at the time he finishes using or terminates this Service. The subject of this Agreement is to provide the Product Search Engine with the ability to perform a search the Shop’s resources using keywords or a selected category. In addition, the Customer is able to sort the search results by the available criteria.
  2. The Contact Form Agreement is available for a limited time at the moment of using the contact form (“Send message”) and is terminated at the moment the Customer finishes using or terminates it. The subject of this Agreement is to make the contact form available on the Shop website and use it to send a message to the Seller.
  3. The Order Form Agreement is available for a limited time at the moment of using the order form and is terminated at the moment the Order is placed or abandoned by the Customer. The subject of this Agreement is to make the order form available on the Shop website and to send the order to the Seller.
  4. The Maintenance of the Customer Account Agreement is available for an unlimited time at the moment of Customer’s account registration. The subject of this Agreement is to make the Customer Order Management Panel make available to the Customer. In addition, the Customer has the ability to. View the order history and define Delivery addresses.
  5. The Newsletter Service Agreement is available for an unlimited time at the moment of receiving the confirmation of signing up to the Seller Newsletter Service to the specified e-mail address. Service Order is made by the Customer using the appropriate activation field of the Newsletter in the registration form or in another form made available by the Seller on the Shop website. The subject of this Agreement is the provision to Customer by the Seller relying on sending messages containing information about the Products or Services provided by the Seller to the specified email address. This Agreement is terminated at the moment of unsubscribing from the Newsletter using the deactivation link in the Newsletter message.
  6. The Free Service Agreement can be terminated by the Customer or the Seller without giving any reason at any time, using the functionalities described in the Rules or by e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided in the Seller’s Contact Details or Customer Contact Details.
  1. Product orders can be submitted through the Shop’s website seven days a week , 24 hours a day using the Cart feature. After completing a list of Products, the Customer can proceed to order realization on the Cart page.
  2. In case the Customer is logged in to his Customer Account, he goes to the next stage of placing the order as a logged Customer.
  3. In case the Customer does not have a registered Customer Account, he chooses the method of placing an order by using the button:
  4. “Save” in the “New Customer” form area, using the Customer Account which shall be registered. At this point, the Customer makes a Customer Account Registration and goes to the next stage of placing the order.
  5. “Log in” using the existing Customer Account. Next, the customer goes to the next stage of placing the order.
  6. In the area of the order form, the Customer states:
  1. Placing an order is preceded by displaying the information about the total price for the order plus taxes and related costs in the Cart, in particular the delivery and payment costs, for the Customer.
  2. Placing an order can be made by using the “Purchase and Pay” box in the Cart and it is equivalent to the offer by the Client to the Seller to enter into the Product Sale Agreement included in the order.
  3. Before submitting the order form the Customer should declare that he has read the Rules and accepts it by ticking the appropriate box.
  4. The placed order may be changed by the Customer until the Seller has informed the Customer about sending the Products.
  5. A change of order may include cancellation, partial cancellation, adding more Products, change of delivery address.
  6. The Seller will immediately notify the Customer of the impossibility of fulfilling the order in the event of any circumstance causing the order to be impossible to complete. This information is provided by telephone or electronically using the Customer Contact Details. Information may include the following modifications to the order:
  1. Confirmation of acceptance of the order is made by sending the e-mail info to the e-mail address indicated in the Customer Contact Details. Confirmation of acceptance of the order is tantamount to the Seller’s acceptance of the offer to enter into the Contract of Sale submitted by the Customer.
  1. The Seller provides a Remote Product Sale Service through the Shop to the Customer.
  2. The subject matter of the Sales Agreement covers the Seller’s obligation to transfer to the Customer the Product’s property and issue them while the Customer’s obligation is to collect the Products and pay the Seller’s Product prices.
  3. The Seller reserves the right to conduct promotional campaigns, which rely on reducing the price of the Product to a specified date or until the stock of Products subject to promotion is depleted.
  4. By entering into the Sale Agreement, the Seller undertakes to provide the Customer with Products without defects.
  5. The Sales Agreement is concluded upon receipt of the Customer’s order by the Seller.
  6. Issuing the Products should take place immediately, usually within 5 Business Days.
  7. The delivery time of the Product may change if the order is changed by the Customer.
  8. Products are delivered to the address provided by the Customer.
  9. Product issuing occur no sooner than after payment is made by the Customer.
  10. The Seller confirms the issuing the Products to the Carrier’s for Delivery to the address provided by the Customer during the order submission process by sending an email to the Customer’s email address.
  11. The risk of accidental loss or damage is passed on to the Consumer at the moment of delivery to the Consumer.
  12. Delivered order should be examined by the Customer in the presence of the Carrier. In the event of damage to the Order, the Customer has the right to demand to draw up an appropriate protocol.
  1. The value of the Sales Payment is determined on the basis of the Price List of the Products on the Seller’s Website at the time of the Product order. Prices quoted on the Shop’s website for the given Product are net prices in Polish zlotys (PLN) and do not include the value added tax (VAT), nor the delivery costs or the fees for chosen form of payment.
  2. The Customer bears the transaction costs and product delivery costs.
  3. The total order price shown in the Cart before the order is placed, after selecting the Product Delivery and Payment method, includes the price for the Products ordered along with taxes and any related costs, in particular Deliveries and Transaction fees. The total price of the order is binding for the Seller and the Customer.
  4. The Shop offers the following payment methods for Sale Services:
  1. Payment deadline is the moment of issue of the Product.
  2. The VAT receipt or VAT invoice for the Sales Service is attached to the Products to be issued or sent by e-mail to the Customer’s e-mail address, depending on the Customer’s wishes.
  3. The customer agrees to receive invoices in an electronic form.
  4. Repayment of payments by the Seller shall be made immediately, not later than within 14 days from the date of occurrence of the reason, in case of:
  1. Reimbursement is performed using the same method of payment as used by the Customer in the original transaction, unless he agrees to another solution that does not bind any cost on him.
  2. The Seller is not obliged to reimburse the additional costs incurred by the Customer if the Customer chooses the delivery method of the Product other than the cheapest ordinary delivery offered by the Seller.
  1. Complaints may be submitted by letter or e-mail to the postal or electronic address indicated in the Seller’s Contact Information.
  2. The complaint notification should include a description of the problem and customer identification details.
  3. The Seller will recognize the complaints within 14 days from the date of filing them. It is recommended to provide Customer Contact Details in the content of the complaint, as it can be used to answer the complaint and conduct correspondence related to it.
  4. In the event a complaint relates to a Product, in order to enable the Seller to resolve a complaint, the Customer should deliver or send the said Product to the Seller’s address.
  5. Complaints may be made under warranty for defects in the Products covered by the Sales Agreement and other Services.
  6. If the Product has a defect, the Customer may demand replacement of the Product for one that is free of defects or demand repair of the defect. The Seller is obliged to replace the defective Product or to remedy the defect within a reasonable time without undue inconvenience to the Customer.
  7. The Seller may refuse to reimburse the Customer if the Customer’s chosen a method of making the Product comply with the Product Agreement is cannot be completed or if it would be unreasonably more costly than another available method of Sales Agreement compliance.
  8. If the Customer is not a Consumer, the Seller may refuse to exchange the Product free of defects or remedy the defects, even if the cost of remedying such defect exceeds the price of the Product sold.
  9. If the Product has a defect, the Customer may declare the price reduction or withdrawal from the Agreement unless the Seller promptly and without undue inconvenience to the Customer will replace the defective Product for a one without defect or remedies the said defect. This restriction does not apply if the Product has already been replaced or repaired by the Seller, or the Seller has not fulfilled the obligation to exchange the Product for the one free of defects or to remedy a defect. The Client cannot withdraw from the Agreement if the defect is negligible.
  10. The Consumer may, instead of the Seller’s proposed removal of a defect, request a replacement of the Product for a defect-free one or instead of replacing the Product, demand removal of the defect making the product conform with the Sales Agreement in a manner chosen by the Consumer is impossible or requires excessive costs in comparison with the method proposed by the Seller. When assessing excessive costs, the value of the defect-free Product, the nature and significance of the identified defect, and the inconvenience that other method brings to the Consumer shall be taken into account.
  11. The reduced price mentioned in paragraphs 10 and 11 above should remain in such proportion to the price from the Agreement as the proportion of value of the defective Product to the value of the Product without defect.
  12. The Consumer has the opportunity to use the following extrajudicial means of dealing with complaints and claims:
  1. Products may be covered by the manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty. In such a case, the Customer is entitled to file a complaint for the Product using the warranty claims, by making a complaint to the guarantor. Complaints can be made through the seller or directly to the guarantor.
  2. The Customer may exercise the warranty for physical defects of the product, irrespective of the warranty rights.
  1. The consumer may, without giving any reason, withdraw from the Agreement within 14 days, including the Sales Agreement.
  2. The right to withdraw from the Agreement is not available to the Consumer inter alia with regard to the Sales Agreement:
  1. The consumer may withdraw from the Agreement by giving the Seller a declaration of withdrawal.
  2. In the event of receipt by of a declaration of withdrawal sent by the Consumer through electronic means, the Seller will immediately send a confirmation of receipt to the Customer.
  3. Immediately, but no later than within 14 days of the date on which the Consumer has withdrawn from the Agreement, he is obliged to return the Seller’s Product or transfer it to a person authorized by the Seller. To keep the deadline, it is enough to return the Product before expiry of the term. This provision does not apply if the Seller has offered to receive the Product personally.
  4. Seller undertakes to collect the Product at his own expense when it cannot be returned in normal manner by mail and at the same time the Product has been Delivered to the Consumer at the place where he resided at the time of the conclusion of the Sales Agreement.
  5. The Consumer is responsible for reducing the value of the Product resulting from its use beyond the necessary means to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the Product.
  6. In the event of withdrawal from the Agreement, it is deemed nonexistent. If the Consumer has made a declaration of withdrawal before the Seller has accepted his offer, the offer shall cease to be binding.
  1. All trademarks, graphic elements and images posted on the Shop’s website for product demonstrations are the subject of copyright of their owners.
  2. The Internet domain name of the Shop, its logos, the name and the Rules subject to the copyright and the subject matter of the legal protection.
  3. Customer acknowledges that the Customer is forbidden to send unlawful content.
  4. The Seller is committed to making good use of the Shop to ensure that the Shop functions properly and to assist in solving technical problems related to its operation.
  5. The Seller undertakes to take steps to protect the data contained in the Client Account from unauthorized access and use.
  6. The Seller is not responsible for:
  1. The Seller may collect information and storage it locally on the Client’s device, using the browser’s memory mechanism using cookies.
  2. Personal data of the Shop users is processed on the basis of the consent of the persons involved or, if necessary, for the performance of the Agreement when the data subject is a party to the Agreement or if it is necessary to take action before the conclusion of the Agreement at the request of the data subject.
  3. Personal data is collected for the provision of the Services by the Shop. Persons whose data have been collected by the Shop shall have the right to access, correct, and submit a written motivated request to cease their processing, and to object thereto.
  4. Rules of personal data processing, privacy policy and cookies policy are governed by the “Privacy policy and cookies policy” on the Shop’s website.
  5. By entering into the Service Agreement, the Customer voluntarily authorizes the Seller to use the Customer’s Contact Details for Contractual and Performance Information as well as commercial information if expressly authorized to do so.
  6. A Non-Consumer Customer is obliged to inform the Seller about changes to Customer Contact Details, under the pain of their use on delivery.
  7. Changes to the Rules may occur due to a change in the legal regulations concerning services performed by the Seller, as well as technical or organizational changes related to the services provided by the Seller.
  8. The amendment of the Rules is made by publishing their new content on the Shop’s website, with prior notice. Information about the amendment of the Rules shall be placed on the Shop’s website no later than 10 days before its commencement date and shall be sent to the Customer’s Contact Details if the parties are bound by the Agreement of a continuous nature.
  9. The amendment to the Rules does not apply to Sales Agreements concluded before the date of its amendment.
  10. The provisions of the Rules are not intended to exclude or limit the rights of the Customer being the Consumer, resulting from the provisions of Polish common law.
  11. In case of non-compliance of the provisions of the Rules with the provisions of the Polish common law, these provisions shall apply.
  12. In matters not regulated by the Rules, the provisions of the Polish general law apply.
  13. The Rules enter into force at the time of its publication on the Shop’s website.