VDA 6.3 Audit procesu (PL) 2016

Volume 6 Part 3, Process Audit, 3rd revised edition, December 2016

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VDA 6.3 Audit procesu (PL) 2016


The well established Audit Standard VDA 6.3 from 2010 has been completely revised. With the 2016 edition our collective experience has been utilised to update and optimise the volume. The interaction of the process audit standard VDA 6.3 with other VDA publications, especially „Maturity Level Assurance for New Parts (MLA)“ und „Robust Production Processes (RPP)“, has been strengthened. In this volume the requirements are given for process specific content. Thus the distinction between process and system audits is made clearer. Furthermore the questionnaire has been revised both in content and structure. The interface between hardware and software in products with embedded software has been included. However, for a detailed evaluation of software development other methods are to be used (Automotive SPICE, CMMI). The content of the process audit for services has also been revised. The calculation of results has been adjusted. All questions are now weighed equally. The generic approach has been deleted. The classification system using A, B and C and the reliable downgrading rules have been retained. Due to the revision, the current edition does not allow audit results from the previous VDA 6.3 from 2010 to be directly transferred into calculations from the edition presented here. Within this volume, the requirements for the qualification of process auditors are given in more detail. Different requirements for internal and external process auditors are given. The qualification of auditors regarding this audit standard is set out. Focus is also given to the actual implementation of the audit. Assessment questions in the areas of sustainable development, compliance with social standards, environmental protection and conservation of resources are not contained in the questionnaire. For these areas there are special monitoring methods as well as legal and normative directives. However, if the auditor observes obvious points that are contrary to the requirements of this process audit standard or have a negative impact on the product characteristics, these should be documented and included in the evaluation.


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